4通道 數字隔離器 π140/141/142系列

AC3000Vrms DC5000V SOP16 / AC6000Vrms DC10000V WSOP16

π14xxx3x: AC 3000Vrms;π14xxx6x: AC 6000Vrms




    The π1xxxxx are 2PaiSemi digital isolators product family. Byusing maturated standard semiconductor CMOS technology and innovative design,these isolation components provide outstanding performance characteristicssuperior to alternatives such as optocoupler devices and other integratedisolators. The π1xxxxx isolator data channels are independent and are availablein a variety of configurations with a with stand voltage rating of 3.0 kV rms to6.0 kV rms and the data rate from DC up to 600Mbps (see the Ordering Guide).


    Ultra low power consumption:


    High data rate: π14xAxx: 600Mbps


    π14xMxx: 10Mbps

    π14xUxx: 150kbps

    High common-mode transient immunity: 50 kV/μs typical

    High robustness to radiated and conducted noise

    Low propagation delay:

    5.0 ns typical for 5 V operation

    7.0 ns typical for 3.3 V operation

    Isolation voltages:

    π14xx3x: AC 3000Vrms

    π14xx6x: AC 6000Vrms

    High ESD rating:


    Human bodymodel (HBM) ±8kV, all pins

    Safetyand regulatory approvals

    UL certificatenumber: E494497

    3000Vrms/6000Vrmsfor 1 minute per UL 1577

    CSAComponent Acceptance Notice 5A(Pending)

    VDEcertificate number: 40047929

    DIN V VDE V0884-10 (VDE V 0884-10):2006-12

    VIORM = 565V peak/849Vpeak

    CQCcertification per GB4943.1-2011(Pending)

    3 V to 5.5 V level translation


    Wide temperature range: -40°C to125°C

    16-lead, RoHS-compliant, (W)SOICpackage


    General-purposemultichannel isolation

    Industrial field bus isolation


    π140xxx/π141xxx/π142xxx functionalBlock Diagram

    The devices operate with the supply voltage on either side ranging from3.0 V to 5.5 V, providing compatibility with lower voltage systems aswell as enabling voltage translation functionality across the isolationbarrier.
    The fail-safe state is available in which theoutputs transition to a preset state when the input power supply is notapplied.

    π140xxxTypical Application Circuit

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